Affiliate Program

Do you own a hot yoga studio?  We have created an affiliate program just for you.  This is a great way for your clients to enjoy an at home practice that will complement their in-studio practice.  And, you get paid just for referring them to Sweat Central TV.

The Deal:

  1. Your clients get a special price - $14.99 per month (a five dollar monthly savings for them)
  2. Out of that $14.99, we pay you $5 - each and every month that the client is a subscriber to Sweat Central TV. 
  3. It's free for you to join. 

It's a win-win - great for you and your clients: 

  • Sweat Central TV is run by Richard and Nicole Pike - hot yoga studio owners with a combined 30 years experience in Bikram Yoga. 
  • Sweat Central TV is designed to be a complement to hot yoga studios - NOT to replace them. We will always promote that clients of Sweat Central TV should continue to practice at their local studio.  
  • Your students will appreciate that for just $14.99 per month they can supplement their in-studio practice with classes they can do anywhere.
  • As an affiliate - you have NO out of pocket expenses.  Just sign up for the program, market it to your clients, and make money. 
  • You can even contribute to the Sweat Central channel by uploading classes taught by your teachers.  That way your clients who subscribe to the channel will see familiar faces as well as enjoy a variety of new teachers.  This is OPTIONAL - you do not have to upload classes. 
  • You don’t have any work to do on the Sweat Central website.  We have done all the heavy lifting of designing the site, contracting for hosting, payment processing, etc.

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